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Hello All! [Oct. 8th, 2006|09:47 pm]
Flavor Of Love


Hey guys. I'm glad to see that there is finally a "Flavor of Love," community. I know that the show has a ton of fans, and I've been searching for a community, but could never find one. Personally, I hope that New York wins. I mean, what a waste of time to come back to the house, make the final two and then have to leave again. Part of me thinks that the show is staged. New York is so "out there," that it wouldn't surprise me if she was a paid actress. I'm not knocking the show. It's entertainment and that's all we really care about. I was hoping that "Sumthin" would make the final two (just because she was so entertaining to watch,) but I guess that didn't happen.

From: loanmuba
2007-12-24 09:44 am (UTC)


I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING WHILE WATCHING 'FOL' New York (Paid Actress or Not) but she is way over the top, and without new york knowing but deelishis did mention that Flavor Flav wanted to eliminated her after series of incident - such as NY being cruel, etc. and producers are making him not to for every episode.

it seems like NY is really for Flav even if its over-the-top attitude she has.
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